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To save a life is more than just a movie, it is a way of life. Be a part of the movement and reach out to the lost, hurting and lonely in our community. Select a group on the left to find out where you can get involved!


The Compliment Guys Spread Encouragement

It started with wanting to do something nice, to brighten someone's day, to make a difference. So Purdue University student Brett Wescott went to a busy spot on campus and began complimenting people—anyone, everyone, total strangers who walked past. When he told a friend, Cameron Brown joined, and the pair spent several hours every Wednesday dishing out compliments, even through rain, snow or sickness. They became known as The Compliment Guys.

"Nice shoes."

"You look very professional today!"

Brett and Cameron look for positives in every individual and take the initiative to pass them on. Sometimes strangers give them funny looks, but most people are visibly brightened. Their movement has even spread to other campuses. "As Cam repeatedly says: ‘There's something good in everyone. You just have to take the time to look, ’ " Brett told the New York Times.